Unlocking the Future: GED Classes Offer Opportunity to Pursue Lifelong Goals

At the Eckstrom-Columbus Library customers of all ages and from all walks of life attend classes to expand their knowledge and strengthen their futures. For these customers, the Library is a place of judgment-free learning where they can pursue aspirations.

For Dilbert Lord, whose dream is to get his GED, the Library has helped put him one step closer to achieving it.

Born and raised in Belize, Dilbert moved to New York City in 1958, but when his mother passed away, he went back to Central America to be with family. His last formal schooling was in 1960.

The decades in between haven’t always been easy for him. He’s faced mental health challenges and struggled to unlearn destructive behaviors. Many years were marked by frequent medical interventions.

And yet, Dilbert’s desire to learn never ceased.

“I used to be a woodworker and build player pianos,” Dilbert says. “I’d like to do that again, but I need my GED.”

Twice weekly for the past two years, Dilbert attended GED classes at the Eckstrom-Columbus Library.

Godfrey is Dilbert’s brother and legal guardian. He says, “Dilbert is a unique learner. He has trouble transitioning from subject to subject, and needs repetition to really grasp a concept. The learning environment at the Library really suited him. Everyone there is invested in one another’s success.”

Mary Sanchez manages the Eckstrom-Columbus Library and is proud of the work the Library does supporting education and workforce development, especially through free classes like GED tutoring and Job Help.

“All of our program instructors care deeply about the students. Sometimes it’s as simple as pointing someone to a list of job opening. Other times, they offer hours of support to individuals trying to understand new concepts.”

Last year, nearly 4,000 individuals attended 600 GED classes at six Pima County Public Libraries. At these classes people just like Dilbert are accessing the educational tools they need to improve their lives.

For Dilbert, whose favorite book is the Newberry Medal winning Bud, Not Buddy, classes at the Library have helped him move one step closer to achieving his goal. Next, he’ll take the pre-test at the El Rio Adult Learning Center. Whatever the outcome, Dilbert has already succeeded in many ways.

And, if he needs additional support, the Library will always be here for him.

Trying to earn your GED, but need a little extra help? Choose from dozens of classes offered every month at numerous library locations.