Art Exhibit ~ Chelsey Yaffa

Quincie Douglas Library invites you to view the works of local artist Chelsey Yaffa, on display until May 30, 2024.

Artist statement:

I am an Arizona-based, Montana raised acrylic painter who finds inspiration from the natural world, human life and the emotions that come from navigating those worlds. Throughout my life, painting and drawing people have been a recurrent theme. I have always felt drawn to depicting the human experience and human emotion.
Landscapes, on the other hand, are a relatively new joy of mine. Where we live, where we travel, all the landscapes we interact with bring so much joy, curiosity, excitement, tranquility or even fear. The land plays a huge role in our feelings of safety, spirituality, contentment and so much more.
I studied Fine Arts at the University of Montana from 2009-2013. After graduation, I took a break from art to make coffee and raise my two beautiful children. Currently I am working on a collection of acrylic paintings that are inspired from my recent move to the Sonoran desert.
I hope to inspire you, with the colors and beauty of nature along with the emotions of being a human navigating this world, in my creations.
Images courtesy of the artist