Art Exhibit ~ Kenneth Levy

Joel D. Valdez Main Library invites you to view the work of local artist Kenneth Levy, on display until May 31, 2024.

Artist statement:

The small paintings in this show are mixed media on watercolor stock. The media include watercolor paint, acrylic ink, acrylic paint, gouache paint and charcoal. They are untitled, painted abstractly without plan or preconception. I notice certain recurring themes emerging, especially circular shapes of different sizes with various fillings and surroundings. Color selection is intuitive without reference to theory. Texture and density are features. Roughness is in part in contrast to the slickness of digital art. Some are packed tight with imagery and some are looser and lighter. Perhaps there is some correspondence with the elements of earth, air, water and fire. Much appreciated are the responses of viewers to the paintings.
The photographs are printed by me on an Epson 3880 inkjet printer. They span a number of years and locations. The cameras are mirrorless, mostly Fujifilm, but also Olympus, Nikon and iPhone. Meandering, an image presents itself for recording. Places rather than people. Attention mainly to composition. Content/symbolism piques interest. Technical manipulation limited to lightening or darkening and very limited cropping; basically, straight out of the camera. Titles identify subject and location only.
Images courtesy of the artist