The Amado Women by Désirée Zamorano

The Amado Women

The Amado Women by Désirée Zamorano

Reviewed by Debbie Chavez, Librarian, Eckstrom-Columbus Library

While movies and TV shows may feed us stereotypes of Latinas, Désirée Zamorano presents us with a story that is more realistic of the lives Latinas lead in the U.S.

The characters are Latinas from southern California, but their ethnicity is not the focus of the story. These adult sisters and their mother are dealing with heartache, but are trying to move forward when making choices about love, family, and careers. One sister hides her heartbreak by immersing herself in her work. Another seems to have an easy life as a stay-at-home mom in the suburbs, but finds it increasingly difficult to endure the beatings of her husband. The youngest sister looks for fulfillment in art and dreams of running away to the east coast. The loving mother of these daughters, far from being the stereotypical tortilla-making “abuelita,” attempts to hold the family together, but also serves as a strong role model by getting an education and carving a fulfilling career of her own.

The realistic challenges of the women in this book made me feel like I was reading about my co-workers or friends. This gratifying read is about modern women who find that their relationships with each other are what matters most in life–something anyone from any culture can identify with.