Teen Book Cloud: The Book Database You Never Knew You Needed

When you’re looking for books, the first place you go is the catalog, even for ebooks, right? But the library also subscribes to a few databases that have books—books that we don’t have records for in the catalog, but books nonetheless! You might have seen things about Romance Book Cloud, opens a new window or TumbleBook Library, opens a new window, which are awesome in their own right, but that family also has a cousin that is just as great: Teen Book Cloud, opens a new window!

Whether you’re looking for graphic novels, classics, easy-to-read hi lo novels, or something else, Teen Book Cloud is a great place to start! You can even watch National Geographic videos, right there!

Everything you see is available to read anytime, whether you’re on a computer or a mobile device. No credits, no holds, just read. These books aren’t downloadable, unfortunately, so you have to have an ongoing internet connection, but if you’re in or around a library (or maybe at school), that’s taken care of, too!

Search or browse Teen Book Cloud for fiction and nonfiction, novels, poetry, and plays. You can open any ebook right there, and you can also search the inside if you’re looking for something in particular. With enhanced ebooks, you can take notes right there (one notepad per chapter) or change the size and font of any book. If you prefer to read a lighter color on a darker background, you can change that, too! And books you might be looking for as assignments might also have links to reader guides, right there underneath the book.

But best of all, many of these books are readalongs!

There’s nothing quite like reading “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” While listening to it as those who first heard it might have. Or reading a novel and hearing it as well, each sentence lighting up as you arrive there. 

Look for the play button in the bottom left corner of any book you open, and start reading with the voice of a narrator. Audio and print, all right there in one package. 

So check out Teen Book Cloud today! There are so many books in our collection that you might not find in the catalog, but that await your attention today.