PCPL Haiku Challenge: those furry and feathered and scaly friends

Well here they are for your reading pleasure, our final group of haiku for National Poetry Month. The theme this week was animals of all kinds, our furry and feathered and scaly friends. I hope you had as much fun as I did. Enjoy!  Read more about the challenge.

Deanna Dikinis
Lounging, sleeping cat
At any moment he jumps
into our hearts. Yeah!
Deanna's art class wrote the poem and Deanna painted the cat to go with it

Rebecca Garcia
Woah, is that a stick?
Nope, I don't think sticks slither.
one Sonoran spring

Sam Page
The   cat   is   sleeping.
And   now   back   to   sleep.

Judy Dyl
My cat cuddles close
Tongue as coarse as sandpaper
Fur as warm as love.

Juanita Havill
my golden gelding
whispered secrets in his ear
how fast he gallops

Karyn Zoldan
The loves of my life
Have been five rescued greyhounds
I confess with pride

Karyn Zoldan
Every day I laugh
My dog's a comedian
Best medicine ever

Karyn Zoldan
Cruel dog racing gone
Now my hound races to couch
Life as it should be

Christine Seliga
What’s that? I reach. Ugh!
Lizard tail! Cat stalks near couch,
back door gaping wide...

Christine Seliga
Heat hits melting point
Cat, dog spread out on cool tile
Still, furry puddles

Milary Morgan
"Aerial Peace"
Hello, feathered friends.
We share love as I walk by.
Each day, you are there.

Susan Cummins Miller
"Competition in the Desert"
Roadrunner pecks at
mirrored image: Declaring
war, or courting mate?

Susan Cummins Miller
Wind blows empty nest
from palm frond. Doves collect twigs
for reconstruction.

Albrecht Classen
A bat's corpse in the park
saddens me, oh poor victim
one friend less at night

Albrecht Classen
Flighty cactus wren
does not care about the heat
brave desert creature

Albrecht Classen
Some like barking dogs
others prefer silky cats,
I take the turtle

Carolyn Classen
Pets are wonderful
Lovely creatures to adore
Friendly furry fun

Javier, Tucson Country Day School student, 5th grade
I love dogs and frogs
especially ones on logs.
So make your pets great.

Liberty, Tucson Country Day School student, 4th grade
Furry or Feathered,
Scaly or Soft and Squishy,
We are all much loved.

Layla, Tucson Country Day School student, 5th grade
Brown Black White Tan Blonde
Cuddly Fluffy Cute Big Small
Nice But sometimes Mean

Andrew, Tucson Country Day School student, 5th grade
Fur, shells, and feathers.
Some have eggs but some do not.
They don't look the same.

Talon, Tucson Country Day School student, 5th grade
a stag is running
a beetle crawling around
birds are flocking, too

Liam, Tucson Country Day School student, 5th grade
Birds, they know the sky.
Arthropods are very hard.
Mammals are pretty weird.

Dylan, Tucson Country Day School student, 5th grade
Pandas are awesome!
They used to be endangered.
But, They pulled through it!

Mikayla, Tucson Country Day School student, 4th grade
Please tell me why do
birds screech and scream, dogs bark loud
and cats always meow?

Madison, Tucson Country Day School student, 4th grade
Birds are chirping loud
Mammals, birds, arthropods WOW
They’re parts of nature

Jakom, Tucson Country Day School student, 4th grade
My dog is awesome
Saguaro is his name-o
He is a mammal

Teagan, Tucson Country Day School student, 4th grade
Animals are cool
Animals are very cute
Animals survive

Jayden, Tucson Country Day School student, 4th grade
Owls always hear.
Roadrunners are the fastest.
Hawks are always there.

Brandon, Tucson Country Day School student, 3rd grade
There is a horse. It
is galloping very fast!
It is on a course.

Jayson, Tucson Country Day School student, 3rd grade
There used to be four!
I wish that there were three cats.
Now I have just two.

Inara, Tucson Country Day School student, 3rd grade
What happened to her?
Was her paw stung by a bee?
Or was it a sprain?

Marge White Pellegrino
In that last moment
black cat leapt, arms reaching out
into the next world

Barb Schueppert
I watch the birds flit
From tree to feeder and back;
Their lives haven't changed.

Sasha A., Doolen Middle School
"Dirty Doggy"
Doggy digs, digs, digs.
Oh no! Doggy needs a bath!
Doggy digs no more.

Kai S., Doolen Middle School
"Noisy Birds"
I wake up to very
Noisy birds screaming at me.
Go back to sleep. Now!

Ella S., Doolen Middle School
"Furry Friend"
Turbo, protector
Scaredy cat with gentle soul
Blonde happy friend of mine

Chloe H., Doolen Middle School
Dog chases the toy
Dog runs around the back yard
My dog plays with us

Evey Q., Doolen Middle School
My furry friend is
Sobek, he is a gremlin
He steals all my food

Victor C., Doolen Middle School
Young and innocent
Gentle, loving, and fluffy
The cat eyed the bird

Ben B., Doolen Middle School
Fuzzy plus cuteness
Equals two long floppy ears
Four-legged dog. Woof

Suzanne Freund
Cat comes into room.
Is that a feather she has?
Eek! It moved! A lizard!

Susan L. Schwartz
Bobcats, coyotes,
And cardinals, roadrunners —
All live in Tucson.

Audrey Sher-Walton
Good people love dogs
You train attack dogs loudly
Incessant barking

Audrey Sher-Walton
Chain of barking still
Deep into disrupted sleep
Can’t love every dog

Audrey Sher-Walton
Fierce dogs call, “Fear me”
We shutter away tightly
cacophony drones

Devan, Sonoran Science Academy
I love animals
I love dogs and cats so much
dogs and cats are cool

Abbigayle, Sonoran Science Academy
furry friends
they help to protect
us. They're cute too.

Abbigayle, Sonoran Science Academy
I have furry friends
3 dogs dalis, malcom,
and chubs

All your poems!