PCPL Haiku Challenge: your poems about life in quarantine

This is the full list of all of the wonderful haiku that we have received for Part 1 of our PCPL Haiku Challenge. The topic? Life in Quarantine, this weird new normal. Thank you to everyone who participated! Read more about the challenge.

Albrecht Classen
Moon and stars wonder
where have all the people gone
alone in hiding

Matt Peters
Lessons from last month:
Big cats should stay in the wild.
Humans should stay home

Kristin Magdziasz
Superheroes Now
Wear Gowns and Masks Not Capes and
Teach Our Kids From Home

Anna House Mote
Kids are home from school
All day long they talk and fight
I am going nuts

Anna House Mote
Introverts at home
Are plagued by hyper children
When will school start next?

Carolyn Classen
All Wabi Sabi
Temporary life for all
Imperfection rules

Leona Davis
No longer a house
Now a world, a universe
Everything contained

Kaitlyn Schnobrich
Time: a queer concept
Always more or less of it
But never enough

‎Renee Speigner
The fridge is too close
Eating all day long, I fear
Time to take a walk.

Racheal Rios
My hands are so dry
I see you through the window
I wish we could touch

Marge Pellegrino
New York siren wails
through our son's open window
reach us in Tucson

@auntbmclean2906 on Instagram
Sheltering at home
time to bake and walk with dogs
joy replaces fear

Elena Acoba
So what? April winds
Keep me inside any ways.
Allergies attack!

Celeste Atkins
Introvert am I
Extrovert my six-year-old
Pandemic challenge

Michelle Fidler
brave dystopia
everyday heroes stay true
every breath precious

Sam Hennig
Many heroes rise
Face an unseen enemy
Their fight gives us hope

Sam Hennig
Fear, distrust, waiting
We are anticipating,
COVID's abating

Carolyn Classen
COVID 19 here
Social distancing for all
New reality

Janni Lee Simner
Your face frozen on
my screen. These days we all have
limited bandwidth.

Greta, in 8th grade Tortolita Middle School
“Three ways to use socks”
Number one, as gloves
Number two, a ninja mask
Number three, a friend.

Jay Ross
At home stays the same
While dad goes to work, to serve
Waiting for the rush

Reed O'Neill, grade 3, Mrs. Gomez, Sonoran Science Academy East
days and days at home
testing love for each other
coming out stronger

Sharon O'Brien
Social distancing
Separates the world from me
Is there a loser?

Sharon O'Brien
I woke to the sound
of you laughing far away
In the Twilight Zone

Hadeel Atiyah, Sonoran Science Academy East, Grade 3
Look! Look! There’s a bee!
There is a bee on the door!
It’s so beautiful.

Naomi Ortiz
Hello neighborhood
Whose streets never really known
Happy to trike you

@ep0w on Instagram
hello air high-five
between friends who again meet
but hands that do not

Carla Klittich‎
Saguaros show us
Feel the sun, watch the stars, thrive
Together while apart

Elizabeth Salper
Ping pong balls on shelf
where toilet paper once lived
I buy two paddles

Audrey Sher-Walton
Shuttered like old flames
All we have is hope and fear
Can’t focus on death

Audrey Sher-Walton
Listing the death toll
Like Vietnam on TV
No pulling out now

Audrey Sher-Walton
Kindly citizen
Surrender to the mask
Keep your feet inside

Audrey Sher-Walton
Challenged by distance
Really, is your gray so bad?
Cover your mirror

Aiden, Sonoran Science Academy
"This is My Life"
Once upon a time
Day after the last day, I
Do home school online

Kurt Rex Cooper
Sunday Driving
Nowadays Daily
Still dangerous

Andy DePew
I have lost my job
I cannot hoard anything
I have no paper

Robyn Charb
Keeps us safe, keeps us healthy.
Please stay in your home.

Sophía Raffaellí
Don't tell me that you
Waited for a pandemic
To start washing hands.

Kurt Rex Cooper
Chihuahuas bark
Trees flutter, leaves fall
Doorbell silent.

Karen Redwine
Isolation sucks
Overwhelmed by loneliness
When can I go out?

Maiteh de Jesus Acosta, Sonoran Science Academy East, Grade 4
I don’t like being bored.
I hate quarantine a lot.
I love fun fun stuff.

I love easy stuff.
I cannot support hard stuff.
I don’t like hard stuff.

I hate it that way.
I can get bored easily.
That’s why I get tired.

I like this a lot.
Thank you Ms.Renee a lot.
I love this too much.

I jump up a lot.
I do it when I am scared.
Jump jump jump a lot.

Colin Trierweiler
I always wondered
If April's this way because
T.S. Eliot

Cotton tied tightly
Cloudy eyeglasses reveal
What can't be hidden.

Who is that person
Showing up day after day
Not valued before.

A mask can not hide
The hope of humanity
We rise together

@the_carrie_monster on Instagram
An ad with a man
fancy suit with phone in hand
and a cloth face mask

@andrewdetour on Instagram
Our smiles are hidden
Only our eyes can be seen
Six feet the distance

@hootnholly on Instagram
Up with the sunshine
COVID is on our mind
Healthcare goes on stil

@hootnholly on Instagram
Connection through space
we feel the same but different
it’s good to have yo

Apple Jack @TheLadyHerrera on Twitter
Confused. Fun or sad?
How much longer will this last?
Can’t wait to party.

Holly Schaffer
Kids out of their minds
Poor dog running in circles
Cannot escape them

Josueh De Jesus-Acosta, Sonoran Science Academy
I am Naruto
Naruto does ninja stuff
Naruto is good

David, Sonoran Science Academy
Staying home way too
hyper, finding new skills to
learn; where are my friends?

Maya, 5th Grade, Sonoran Science Academy East
Homework, class, and chats
Being at home all day
It is not that fun.

Evangeline Plowman, Grade 3, Sonoran Science Academy East
i feel weird about this
this virus makes us stay home
we are still learning

Stephanie Grier
Learn this brand new tech!
Tomorrow, learn that new tech.
I am trying hard.

Stephanie Grier
Introvert at heart,
But I really miss the kids.
It's just not the same.

Kaden Gaskill, Grade 3, Sonoran Schools East, Mrs Raniah
spike balls invading
highjacking cells in bodies
fight back, conquer, WIN.

Celeste Atkins 
Why am I so tired?
I go nowhere, do not much...
Pandemic fatigue

Mary Ricci Elder
Miss my library
Wish I could see everyone
Librarians Rock!

Debora Hamilton
here I am,
looking out the door,
not bored at all

Robyn Nemi
Keeps us safe, keeps us healthy.
Please stay in your home.

Ali, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
Vigorous coughing
Spreads the virus, delightful
My precious loo rolls

Katie, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
We're cooped up inside
Tonight we begin to think
Could we sleep a wink?

Hesham, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
I hate quarantine
At least I have much more sleep
Who knows when it ends

Abbigayle, Sonoran Science Academy East
the leaves are green, the
birds are chirping, but all the
people stay in their homes.

Abbigayle, Sonoran Science Academy East
We are with you, if
there's anything you need. Stick
together. we love you.

Josueh, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
I hate quarantine
I do not like quarantine
Why is this a thing

Michael, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
trapped, stuck, quarantined
will this entrapment end soon
no one can tell now

Judy, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
Staying in all day
I miss all of my best friends
Hope to see you soon

Julia, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
so much online work
wish i could go back to school
send my best wishes

Julia, Sonoran Science Academy Middle School
At a boring home
Only having online work
I miss all my friends :’)

Jerome, Sonoran Science Academy East
"I Miss My School"
I Would Rather Go
To School Than To Do School At
Home Cause Of My Friends

Aricela, Sonoran Science Academy East
I wish I was at
School with all my friends because
So boring at home

All your poems!