Meet Hilary of the Synapse Team!

In this blog series, we're introducing members of the Library's Synapse Team. Today, we're excited to introduce you to Hilary from Oro Valley Public Library.

What do you do to turn things around when you’re having a bad day?

When I am having a bad day, I try to remember that all things pass. This day will not last forever. I also talk about my day with a friend as it helps to remember that we are never alone in our troubles.

What’s a common piece of advice you don’t agree with and why?

“Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” I don’t have any boots for one. For another, we are clearly all interconnected. We are certainly made to make this journey together!

What’s the best advice you were ever given? Who was it from?

I’ve been given so much great advice! It’s hard to narrow it down, but I think that it was from my family friend who said, “Every day just do your best, and then everything will work out the best way it can.”

What energizes you at work? What kinds of activities energize you in general?

At work, my coworkers give me so much positive energy! At home, I love doing yoga, reading, and meditation as that really helps me to recharge.

What’s a small act of kindness you were once shown that you’ll never forget?

I will never forget a customer at the bookstore I worked at gave me enough money to buy myself a cup of coffee at the adjoining café saying, “It’s Christmas, and you deserve a break.” I had been tearing up over the way another customer had treated me, so I really appreciated that act of kindness!

Who is your hero? Why?

Jim Henson is my hero, as well as Mister Rogers, Jane Goodall, Yo-Yo Ma, and Pema Chodron. They all teach us that we are all interconnected and we can help each other through friendship and love.

Where would you be right now if you had zero obligations and money didn’t matter?

I would be in Ireland!

What motivates you most to come to work?

You do! All of you! People and books are my favorite combination



What books would you like to share with us today?

Fail, Fail Again, Fail Better

From Fear to Fearlessness


The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse

The Rabbit Listened