How to Do College Prep Online 

Use your library to help get ready for college! Not only do many libraries offer in-house assistance with college prep, but we have some resources that are always available to use, for test prep, college readiness, even deciding on a path!

LearningExpress Library

LearningExpress Library contains a veritable smorgasbord of tools for any kind of learner. When it comes to college prep, this is where you’ll find SAT practice tests (both timed and untimed), skill-building tools, and even some writing and editing ebook guides. 

Gale Presents: Peterson's Test Prep

Not only can you download Peterson’s ebooks for test prep, but even before you reach that point, Peterson's Test Prep offers you some insight into what your study and career interests might be. Depending on where you want to start when it asks, you might get a recommendation of tools to use, or you can click around on your own. Once you’re in, you can use the college and scholarship search, essay-writing guides, and even FAFSA guides. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, think of the kinds of things you might be looking for in college prep. You’ve got a lot of things available to help get your college or career training going.  


While most known for daily live tutoring, Brainfuse has lots of other things that could be useful. The most useful for someone preparing for college is the writing lab, where you can submit something that will be reviewed by a real person and returned in a couple days with comments and suggestions. Pretty cool, right? There’s also resume review, skills-building, and space to do digital conferencing. You can even send a question and get some expert help! What more could you need? 

Opposing Viewpoints 

This isn’t a particularly college-prep specific resource, but it’s a great place to read up on current events (or even past ones) and get both sides of a story. Say you’re dealing with one of those wiley essay prompts that requires you to talk about something happening in the news? You can get a full rundown of the topic all in one spot.


These are just a few of the most helpful places you can go in our E-Library in order to help yourself to a better-prepared college application season. But feel free to wander through and see what else might be useful!