Hooked by Cannibalism

It only took reading the synopsis for me to be hooked. Cannibalism. Protagonist cannibals. People who murder other people and eat their flesh. Sounds riveting, right!?

Bite by K.S. Merbeth is a book about a post-apocalyptic world, a place in which some choose to turn to the unthinkable in order to survive. Told from the point of view of Kid, a plucky girl who takes up with cannibals because the idea of being alone is, in comparison, terrifying--Bite is action packed, filled to the brim with lovable characters, questionable morals, and hilarious fun.  

I loved the fact that Merbeth didn’t allow her characters to fall into the cliche stereotypes that come along with the genre, and instead took the time to make each character exciting and original. Although the author didn’t cover the morality of cannibalism and the psychological processes of the characters as well as I would’ve liked, it’s still an enticing read that succeeds in pulling the reader in, and makes an interesting point--murderous cannibals are far more preferable than tyrants.  

Are you intrigued now? Check it out!

-Keiko, (Dusen)Berry Blogger and member of the River Teen Advisory Board