Grow Your Own Winter Greens

Growing your own greens means you’ll always have some fresh leaves available to snip and add to daily meals! They grow fast and don’t take up a ton of space, so greens are easy to grow in containers, as well.


Arugula has a bite that adds a peppery flavor.

Consider staggering lettuce plantings every ten days to keep those sprouts coming.

The outer leaves of spinach can be harvested even if growing as a seed crop.


Soups and Stews

Kale and Collards are hardy insect-pollinated biennials that can withstand freezing temps.

Did you know beets and chard come from the same plant?

Calendula petals can be used in soups, rice dishes and salads.


Garnish with Herbs

Learn more about how to use your winter herbs!

If you let dill go to seed, the plants will self-sow and come up continuously throughout summer.

Cilantro is perfect for snipping into salsas.

Did you know Chives bloom a beautiful purple color?


Learn More!

Here are a few book recommendations to help you find new uses for all those greens! Don’t forget – the Library also provides access to Gardening Magazines in Overdrive!

Wild About Greens

The Book Of Kale

How to Grow your Dinner Without Leaving the House

Simple Green Smoothies

The Edible Herb Garden

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