Award-Winning Playwright’s ILL Story

We love to share wonderful feel-good Library stories and this one really fits the bill!

In 2015, local author and photographer Barbara Seyda won the prestigious Yale Drama Series prize for her play Celia, A Slave: 26 Characters Testify. It was the first play she'd ever written and it was chosen from among 1,478 entries from 47 countries.

And she wrote it at Himmel Park Library! 

As she told the Tucson Weekly, "Those folks were so patient and helpful, especially through the Interlibrary loans programI would ask for something I thought was important and they would get it. I really wrote most of the play there." 

We're glad we could be there for Barbara when she most needed it. It's what we love to do. 

Celia, A Slave played at Tucson's Rogue Theatre from Sep 7–24, 2017. Every performance was followed by a discussion with the cast and director.