Browsable Resource: Opposing Viewpoints

Do you love reading about current events and social issues? Do you want to understand something from both points of view in order to develop your own unbiased opinion?

Opposing Viewpoints is definitely the place for you, opens a new window.

Do you have a specific topic or a general idea that you'd like to learn more about? Do you just like hearing opposing ideas about things and would start anywhere? Well, there are ways to do both through Opposing Viewpoints.

Particular idea you want to read about? Search for it. You can read essays and articles from differing positions on the subject, and fall into the rabbit hole of information-gathering that way.

Just want to learn? Click stuff! The nice thing about Opposing Viewpoints, opens a new window and the other resources in Gale's suite of databases is that it has an interface that is great for surfing. If you're not sure what you'd like to read about, you can just click on words or pictures in the home page. The cover photo will have a caption regarding the current event or social issue it represents. They rotate, so you can select something from the hot topics that will be there.

Or you can select from the trending links on the home screen. You might log in and notice that Marijuana is featured under health and medicine. Curious? Click the link! From there you'll get a nice rundown of what the issue is, with an index of resource types on the right side.


You'll have access to viewpoint essays, statistics from unbiased organizations, news items, research, news, and more. No matter what the topic, if there is a debate, there should be information.

So if you'd like to develop an opinion on a topic, or you're just a social issues and current events junkie, this is the place you should be checking in every few days. If you've just got one or two things you're not sure about, in the words of Opposing Viewpoints themselves, "learn, then decide!"