Book Review: The Secret Life of Violet Grant

The Secret Life of Violet Grant

It’s 1960s New York City, and Vivian Schuyler has just graduated from college. She lands a job at a metro magazine but finds that fetching coffee is her chief duty. She receives an unexpected package in the post from overseas, containing the suitcase of her long-lost Great Aunt Violet who disappeared from Berlin in 1914.

This feisty page-turner follows Vivian as she tries to uncover what happened to her aunt. Violet had been working as a scientist when she married her much-older professor, Walter Grant, and soon discovered his darker side, forcing her to question her life completely. Vivian pieces the story together as she digs through the contents of the suitcase, the magazine archives, and her family tree, all the while hiding her own scandalous secrets from those closest to her.

The storyline toggles between the two women, offering a fascinating look into women’s choices in love and career that went against the norms of the times.

-Betsy, PCPL Ravenous Readers