An Electric Adventure

In The Prisoner of Cell 25,14-year old Michael Vey is an average student at Meridian High School. That is, until his body develops amazing electrical powers. After him and his best friends, Ostin Liss and Taylor Ridley, go too far in searching for others with similar powers, they discover that a strange corporation with dark intentions is chasing each of them down. Empowered by abilities that even he doesn't yet understand, Michael must risk his life to protect his comrades and stand up to this mysterious organization.

Personally, I was drawn to this book by the way that Michael makes difficult decisions in response to difficult situations. As he is forced to choose between protecting the ones he loves and fighting for the greater good, I learn ways to deal with life choices in my world by literally taking pages from the book. The Prisoner of Cell 25 is perfect for any and all preteens and teens who are interested in getting a taste of an electrical adventure!

-Ethan, River Teen Advisory Board