All-Ages Graphic Novels in the TumbleBook Library

The TumbleBook Library contains a wealth of multimedia materials, all available to anyone at any time. You can read picture books and chapter books, watch videos, and play puzzles (among many more activities). One of our newest features is the long, long list of comics and graphic novels for young readers! Almost all of them come with a comprehension quiz and guided questions for book reports.

Here is a list of some noteworthy graphic novels available now.


Mwumba, opens a new window

Join the princess of Mwumba in her regular activities of vegetable tossing...until a new monster invades her kingdom!




Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew, opens a new window

Nancy Drew and her buddies go on lots of adventures in this series. The first issue, "Small Volcanoes", introduces us to Nancy and Friends, who have been moved from Nancy's original time period to the present day.

(Each issue is a full story, 1 of 2 available on TB)\




Adam Wreck and the Kalosian Space Pirates, opens a new window

Adam Wreck is bored out of his mind. For some reason, his parents decided to bring him along on their mission into the farthest reaches of space, and he'd rather just be back on Earth with his friends. And then, space pirates.




The Clockwork Girl, opens a new window

Follow Tesla, the Clockwork Girl and Huxley the Wolf Boy as they discover they have a lot more in common than their warring families would ever let them believe.




The Graphic Guide Adventures

Go on lots of earth-saving adventures including Food Fight, opens a new window, Media Meltdown, opens a new window, and Soccer Sabotage, opens a new window, among others!





Jackie Rose: The Treasure of Captain Read, opens a new window

In the recent past, Jackie and her best friend are kidnapped by Air Pirates! Can she use this to her advantage in saving her home, the last connection she has to her late mother?





Lego Ninjago, opens a new window

Four Masters of Spinjitsu must protect the world of Ninjago from dark forces of the Underworld.





Lilith Dark and the Beastie Tree

Lilith Dark can find adventures anywhere!





The Lost Key

The key to the school is stolen, along with everyone's kung fu gear! The puzzles the students must use in their attempt to recover everything are no joke, either!



Max Finder Mysteries

Max Finder solves a lot of mysteries, opens a new window. Read one, or read them all!






Ralph Filmore: Paranormal Investigator, opens a new window

Ralph protects the people of Earth from extraterrestrial and supernatural threats. What else does a 12 year old have to do?



These are by no means all of the options from TumbleBook Library. But they're a good start, eh?