A Perfect Thriller

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas is about a girl named Kacey who moves in with her dad after a falling out of sorts with her mother. Her father lives in a small, tight-knit town where nothing really happens, and as a newcomer Kacey is viewed with suspicion. To Kacey's surprise, she actually makes friends and starts feeling included. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, her friends become distant, and one night, after a big party that Kacey wasn't invited to, one of those friends doesn't make it home. Naturally, as she is unfamiliar to the people of this town, all eyes turn to Kacey as a suspect.

Little Monsters was a fantastic read. The whole book contained a steady flow of tension, something most young adult thrillers seem to have trouble doing. The plot was great and not convoluted, and the characters were interesting and engaging. This book actually freaked me out, it's not in your face scary, but the creep factor is definitely there. Also, I was unable to guess the ending, which was a nice change from most predictable YA thrillers. All in all, it was a great book, and even if you weren't the biggest fan of Thomas' last book (I wasn't), it's worth giving this one a go, I promise you won't be disappointed.

-Mimi, (Dusen)Berry Blogger and member of the Teen Advisory Board