A Book Suggestion: The Time for Seeds

In Seedtime: On the History, Husbandry, Politics and Promise of Seeds, Scott Chaskey weaves mythology, poetry, science and storytelling into this lovely treatise on the importance and connection of seeds to humanity. His rich and flavorful words sow spirituality, politics, history, and science all into the same narrative. His well-formulated insights show a wealth of understanding of the topic, gained through his life experiences and studies.

I had the privilege of attending a poetry reading by Mr. Chaskey, and his passion for nature and science is lovely and inspiring to behold. His gentle energy imbues his words with a resonant spark that fills the room with an electric buzz. In this book, he always addresses his passions with an even keeled voice, speaking to the beauty, history and stumbling blocks faced by our continued relationship with the seed, without diatribe or vitriol. He takes us on a journey through geology, biology and the short but rich human history of seeds, making the story easily accessible and enjoyable for everyone. He does not skirt around the issues of Big Agriculture or the co-opting of our human right to freely share and save seed. He poignantly addresses our loss of biodiversity and the potential calamity of our current trajectory, while not losing sight of small hopes for a better future. Seed libraries anyone?

This book speaks to all people interested in the future of our planet. It has something for every poet, seed saver, nature lover, farmer, gardener, eater, and activist. It stands alone, as a wonderful read, regardless of what passion motivates and inspires you.