What’s Read to a Dog and how does it work?

Why should my child Read to a Dog?

Read to a Dog is designed to allow kids the chance to read to a non-judgmental listener, one who will accept the story exactly as they read it.

For many children, this allows them a rare chance to experience stress free reading; they're able to relax and having fun while reading! They come to think of themselves as good readers, which helps their self esteem and makes them eager to read. And eager readers practice their reading more often, leading to improved reading skill.

All of these elements work together to increase a child's motivation to read, which is an essential element in becoming a successful reader.

How does Read to a Dog work?

Kids come to library during Read to a Dog and select a book to read to a furry friend. All of the dogs and handlers who participate have been certified as therapy dogs by an accredited organization.

How do my dog and I become Read to a Dog volunteers?

Find out about becoming Read to a Dog volunteers at your library here.

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