Watch IndieFlix or Qello streaming on your Roku

You can stream IndieFlix movies or Qello concerts on your Roku. 

  • In your browser: Go to the Extras page.
  • If you aren't already logged in, log in by choosing Pima County Public Library and entering your library card number and PIN.
  • Click on the Open!
    • On your tablet or phone, your browser will open the IndieFlix or Qello webpage.
  • Click on Get a 7-day pass and read the information.
  • Click on Continue.
  • Activate your 7-day pass by entering your email- this will be the email address you use every time you access IndieFlix or Qello.
  • Set up a password– This will look different between IndieFlix and Qello. Please choose one you can remember, so you can use it next time you use IndieFlix or Qello.
    • For Indieflix: you will be asked for an email address (the same you use for OverDrive) and a password on a login page.
    • For Qello: on the desktop site, go to Account in the top right, where you’ll have to choose Account on the dropdown. There will be a place on the page to enter an email address and password. Once you’ve completed this, you can use Qello on any device.

On your Roku:

Once you have activated your 7-day pass, you can watch on your Roku. Add the IndieFlix and/or Qello apps to your Roku.

  • IndieFlix: On the Roku, it doesn’t ask you to log in until you try to play something.   
    • Once you hit play, a screen will pop up with an activation URL and a code. Ignore this code. The Library's access doesn't use that code.
    • Below that, there is an option to Log In.
    • Navigate to Log In and enter the email and password that you used when you activated your 7-day pass. *
  • Qello: When you open the Qello app in Roku, go to the left side menu and go to My Qello.   
    • Log in with the information you used under Account when you activated your 7-day pass.
  • Enjoy!

* Please note: If you used IndieFlix or Qello when it was owned by RBdigital, and this screen is still holding on to your old information, you should be able to just re-enter your new login and password information (move the cursor to the end of your email address instead of the beginning, where it is by default).

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