Tell me about your citizenship classes.

How does the program work?
These classes provide the opportunity to learn about U.S. government and history and to improve your English language skills while preparing for the Citizenship Exam.  The classes are free, and students can register and start attending at any time during the session.  Classes are taught in English, except for the Sam-Lena South Tucson class, which is taught in Spanish.

Who can come?
Adults are welcome to attend the classes.  Please note that children cannot attend; parents must make their own childcare arrangements for children under the age of 8.

Who teaches the classes?
These classes are taught by volunteers from Pima Community College Adult Education.

Is there a list of upcoming classes?
Yes, please visit our online calendar to see the upcoming schedule.

Where can I find other resources related to citizenship and immigrant rights?
Here is a list of local and national citizenship, immigration, and refugee agencies. We also have a section of the website with help and information for immigrants: Welcome to America.