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Job Help

Use your library card to help yourself at your own pace. See our Jobs & Careers online resources.

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Computer Classes

Use your library card to learn at your own pace. See our online computer skill-building resources.

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WinWay Resume Software

Make your own resume on a library computer using pre-formatted templates. Get step-by-step help with our WinWay Resume Instructions, opens a new window. WinWay is only available inside the Library.

FAQs about finding a job:

Where can I look for jobs online?

Websites like Indeed and Arizona Workforce Connection are the best places to start your job search. Remember: If the job says it is for a particular company, go to that company’s website to submit your online application.

Why do I need an email when filling out job applications?

Most online applications require an email as part of your profile. This allows the company to communicate with you about your application or any information they need. Many companies require some type of test as the final part of the application. An email is the only way you will receive this information.

How do I get an email account?

You can get a free email account from providers like Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook. Setting up an account is easy and step-by-step directions are available at each website.

How do I save my resume?

The best way is to bring your own USB flash drive to the Library. If you don't have one, you can save your resume to the computer you are using and then email it to yourself. Do this by composing an email to yourself (enter your own email address) and attach the resume by clicking on the paperclip. Make sure you save or send the resume to yourself before your computer session is up. Our computers wipe all information after each session.

How do I attach my resume to an online job application?

If the application asks you to upload a resume, click on the word “Browse” or “Upload” and then click on the document from its saved location. This location is typically the “Documents” folder or on your USB flash drive.

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