Population Center of Tucson

"...our calculations place the median population center of the incorporated city just over the left field fence in foul territory at Hi Corbett Field. When you add in those same suburbs, the population center of the larger metro area lands at the University of Arizona, directly on top of Steward Observatory."—Arizona Daily Star

(While the the 2019 article quoted above "Chasing the city center is a journey through Tucson's story, opens a new window" names the calculation of the population center, it focuses mainly on the historical movement of the geographic center of Tucson.)

“In 1970, the population center was located at Broadway Boulevard and Alvernon Way, it moved north to Sixth Street and Tucson Boulevard by 1980 and by 1990 was located near Sam Hughes Elementary School at Third Street and Norton Avenue. The northwestern growth continued through the 1990s and by 2000 the population was centered on the University of Arizona around First Street and Cherry Avenue. The earlier north-south pattern of expansion appears to be recurring and future development is expected to be strongly oriented around I-10 and I-19 corridors.” —Pima Association of Governments


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PAG (Pima Association of Governments) website., opens a new window

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