Pima County Seal

The official seal of Pima County was designed in 1964 by Hector Morales, who was employed by the Pima County Assessor's Office. The seal was created due to the construction of the Finance Corporation of America building in Phoenix, which wanted to set bronze plaques set in the seals of all fourteen Arizona counties, as well as the state seal, in the building's lobby floor.

According to an article from the Tucson Citizen:

"Morales' design shows San Xavier Mission along with some saguaro cactus and mountains in the center of the regular ring that says Seal of Pima County. At the top is an ancient oil lamp and a book signifying learning and the University of Arizona. At the right is a steer's head and some cotton plants for agriculture. On the left is a mining pick and a smelter for copper and at the bottom are two modern buildings signifting metropolitan development and progress."


“County Soon May Have Its First Official Seal,” Tucson Citizen, August 5, 1964.

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