Pima County Attorneys

The Pima County Attorney, opens a new window is an elected official. The Office "Prosecutes crimes against adults and children and offers extensive services to crime victims."

The title Pima County Attorney, or previously District Attorney, has been held by the people listed below.

Pima County District Attorneys
Pima County Attorneys
Granville H. Oury, 1860s.
George O. Hilzinger, 1912-1916.
James E. McCaffry, 1871-1872.
Kirke T. Moore, 1917-1919.
Louis C. Hughes, 1873-1874.
George R. Darnell, 1920-1921.
Briggs Goodrich, 1875-1876.
K. Barry Peterson, 1922-1926.
Alexander Campbell, 1884-1881.
Louis R. Kempf, 1927-1929.
Harry R. Jeffords, 1886-1887.
William G. Hall, 1930-1931.
Frank M. Hereford, 1888-1892.
Clarence E. Houston, 1932-1933.
William M. Lovell, 1893-1895.
Alexander Murry, 1934-1936.
Thomas D. Satterwhite, 1896-1897.
Joseph B. Judge, 1937-1938.
William F. Cooper, 1898-1901.
J. Mercer Johnson, 1939-1945.
Roscoe Dale, 1902-1903.
Odin B. Dodd, 1946-1947.
Dick Benton, 1904-1911.
Bryce H. Wilson, 1948-1949.
Robert Morrison, 1950-1951.
Raul H. Castro, 1951-1952.
Morris K. Udall, 1952-1953.
Raul H. Castro, 1954-1957.
Harry Ackerman, 1958-1962.
Jack S. Podret, 1962-1963.
Norman E. Green, 1963-1965.
William J. Schafer, 1966-1968.
Rose Silver, 1969-1972.
Dennis DeConcini, 1973-1976.
David G. Dingeldine, 1976.
Stephen D. Neely, 1976- 1996.
Barbara LaWall, 1996-2020
Laura Conover, 2020-present


Fax from the Arizona Historical Society dated 01/02/2001, and Pima County Public Library staff updates.

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