Twenty-five years of friendship

The Caviglia-Arivaca Library recently marked its 25th anniversary. At a community-wide celebration, the Friends of the Arivaca Library, alongside the Library’s Teen Advisory Board, recognized the milestone making Papeles de Picado and stepping stones. There was also a dedication of their Children’s Garden in memory of Byrd Baylor.

We checked in with a few of Friends’ board members about the library and their ongoing commitment to helping make it the best it can be.

Marji Leon

For me, the library is my second home! I always receive a warm welcome from staff who are always helpful and inspiring. Through their programs I learn new crafts and knowledge, or just have fun! I especially like the variety of audiobooks and eBooks that are available, giving me access to information, as I have vision limitations. It’s a wonderful place to be!

Wendy Dresang

We invite you to visualize a courtyard with native plants, bird feeders, the Byrd Baylor Children's Garden, and to take a seat on the large stone tortoise named Melesio or a Mesquite bench under the veranda, to ponder the precious treasures of our Arivaca Library. 

Step inside and the riches continue: welcoming smiles of our Jodi, Madian, Merilee, Naomi, Leesa, and volunteer Lee, who are professional, personable, knowledgeable, artistic, respectful, and kind, who love questions and answers.

This richness has continued to evolve through our last 25 years and touches each one in our rural community and beyond, welcoming all.

We invite you to come down and experience the colorful sparkling gems of our Caviglia—Arivaca Library, and feel renewed and uplifted - hopefully for the next 25 years!

Our Library means all this and more to me.

Dana L. Topping

One of the first things I did when I got settled in Arivaca in July of 2014 was go to Caviglia-Arivaca Library to get my new card. I got so much more! A friendly, welcoming conversation with the librarians, tips from patrons to get lots of books for the coming monsoon season, a start to knowing local history. What I’ve come to love about our library is that it is small but mighty, up to date with technology, innovative in programming for the whole community, in touch with people and caring about their well-being. It’s not just about the books, but like books, the Library opens worlds to all of us.

Eileen Jaffe

The Caviglia-Arivaca Library is the heart of our tiny town; from books and movies to programs, it provides entertainment and learning. Thanks to the Pima County Library District for supporting us!