Top 10 Reasons Snoopy has a Library Card

10. Birds love him. His best friend is a bird.

9. He loves reading about other smart dogs like the one in Cool Dog, School Dog.

8. The Red Baron is right on his tail so he'll check out Lords of the Sky to learn about other WWI flying aces.

7. To checkout home improvement books like 24 Weekend Projects for Pets.

6. To watch his own home movies! Happiness Is...Peanuts-- Snoopy's Adventures is one of his favorites.

5. It was A Dark and Stormy Night to get inspiration from fellow writers.

4. To find Great Pumpkin recipes.

3. Happiness is a warm puppy so he meets new friends at Read to a Dog.

2. Anything is possible with your library card. (Just ask Air Bud.)

1. It's cool. Like him. Get yours today.