The heroes I know we are

This blog post is by Martha D., Valencia Library

I’ve always loved to read.  This was my mom and dad’s evening routine. It was their way to relax after a long, long day.  They set the example.

My problem with reading, though, was this… no one looked, talked like, or came from places my family talked about.  They didn’t look like me!

I like mysteries. Sure, I could find a few stories (okay, more than a few) where the detective was a badass female with a gun, and could beat the living tar out of the bad guys.  But they aren’t Latinx. So imagine how happy I was when I finally found Isabella Maldonado's Veranda Cruz, a private detective who hails from Phoenix! Isabella also has a series about detective Nina Guerrera. I also enjoy Linda Rodriguez's Skeet Bannion, a Cherokee police chief. 

Ladies wearing boots, carrying guns, and kicking ass are out there.  We just have to keep looking or hope that someone is busy writing stories about the heroes I know we are.

Veranda Cruz series

Blood's Echo

Phoenix Burning

Death Blow

Nina Guerrera series

The Cipher

A Different Dawn

Gloria Damasco series

Eulogy for a Brown Angel

Death at Solstice

Skeet Bannion series

Every Last Secret

Every Broken Trust

Every Hidden Fear