Teen book review: School’s First Day of School

As everyone knows, the first day of school brings a tidal wave of emotion no matter the age of the student.

Little kids going off to school for the first time can be so excited that they’re practically bouncing off walls or they can be sobbing because they’re so nervous. Older kids might be dreading the onslaught of schoolwork but are looking forward to seeing their friends. Parents are both relieved and anxious. Teachers are loading up on coffee to get through the day. But no one has ever bothered to ask what the school thought of this occasion until now.

In Adam Rex’s charming book, School’s First Day of School, accompanied by illustrations by Christian Robinson, you’ll get to find out exactly what a school is thinking on the first day of school.

Frederick Douglass Elementary has just been built over the summer, and he (the school) has been enjoying a quiet life with the janitor so far. The janitor warns him that this will change soon, when the children and teachers come. And change it does!

Hoards of children arrive, more than the school could ever imagine! During the day, he learns about shapes, accidentally sets off the fire alarm, and hears a joke. He ends up liking it so much, he begs the janitor to invite everybody back tomorrow.

Ever wondered what a school might be thinking on the first day of school? Read School's First Day of School to experience Frederick Douglas Elementary’s thoughts yourself.

--Olivia, a PCPL Virtual Volunteer