Teen artists create limited edition bookmarks!

We are excited to announce the release of 13 limited edition bookmarks created by youth members of our community.

This spring, the Virtual Volunteering Team at the library invited members of our young adult community to create bookmarks for distribution in our libraries. Due to the pandemic, many of our youth programs moved online for safety reasons. The team hoped that through this project, we would allow teens to connect with and support the library, even though our service model was so different. 

Teens joined regular meetings where they learned from working artist Catherine Eyde, learned about theming and design, and consulted directly with Pima County Visual Marketing Manager, Reneé Bibby.

Together, this group of young people created the theme for this limited edition bookmark collection: "The Library is a place for..." Here is what some of the teen artists had to say:

What does reading mean to me? That is the question my art investigates. Reading is the gateway to a hundred different worlds, following a million different character's each on their own journey. Reading can take us to places we could never imagine, places so vivid and fantastical that they inspire and spark imagination. Books have inspired me to write my own stories and cultivate an ambitious work ethic that I hope will take me far in life. It is my wish that my art will inspire others to not only continue to read, but to use their imagination to pursue their dreams. - Aidan Roberts

The library has always been an escape for me; a new adventure waiting within just the turn of a page. So I decided to base my idea off of that and create two separate worlds. One world would be the library, while the other would signify that fictional world based on adventure... I'm delighted to have been able to venture on this artistic journey. - Sevilla Smith

Having gotten my library card in kindergarten and now being a senior in high school, I know firsthand what an important place the library is. It brings together a community one cannot find anywhere else bound through this love for reading. When it comes to trying to find magic in this world, I think one just needs to walk into a library. Books provide us with an escape when everything else may seem like it is crashing down—a concept I tried to capture in my bookmark. - Dulce Garcia

The final collection includes a wide range of interpretations on this theme. Each creation reminds us of the magic and joy that is the library: a place where you can be transported to another world, to learn, to explore, to rest, and to see new versions of yourself.

As we start to re-open libraries, we hope that you will take a moment to pick up a bookmark—or 13! We are so thankful to all of the teens who participated in this project. Bookmarks will be available at libraries beginning Friday, June 25th! Click in the photos in the gallery below to see the bookmarks.