Spark your Nonprofit with Ignite!

Happy Holidays! For November, I’d like to focus on Ignite—the new Pima County Public Library suite of services for the business and nonprofit community—and our plan for Ignite programming.

You may already be familiar with the former iteration of Ignite–Idea+Space. We're thinking of Ignite as Idea+Space on steroids! While Ignite will continue many of the Idea+Space services/concepts, it will also include some new and expanded programming and other initiatives. 

One of the new things we are creating with Ignite is a new concept for our Business and Nonprofit programming. Ignite's nonprofit programs in 2020 will be structured into a series of “tracks” that will be scheduled sequentially throughout the year. Here are the tracks we have defined:   

  • Board Development
  • Leadership & Advocacy
  • Management & H.R.
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Funding part I
  • Funding part II

Programs for each of the above tracks will be designated as either a “Level I” or “Level II” program. Our hope is that these “track” and “level” designations will help you advance along a clear knowledge-path. Our ongoing, monthly programs (the Grants Open Lab, Business and Nonprofit Legal Help by Appointment sessions, Social Media Consultations for Business and Nonprofits, and Strategic Social Media for Business and Nonprofits) will all be assigned to one of the above category designations, as will all of our programming presented by outside presenters.

We have begun the process of preliminarily booking programming for next year, thanks in part to your suggestions from completed evaluation forms! Once programs are finalized with presenters, they will be entered into the library website’s events calendar.

We hope you find this new format helpful. Stay on the lookout for more Ignite information and updates!