Rhyme Time – Five Fat Peas

At every library story time, parents and children have the opportunity to learn and practice early literacy skills. Early literacy skills are all the things that children learn to help them get ready to read before they actually start to learn how to read independently. One important aspect of successful reading is comprehension. In order for children to comprehend what they read, they need background knowledge or knowledge about the world. Saying simple action rhymes with your child is a fun way to help your young child gain knowledge about the world which will later help them comprehend the stories they hear and read. Here is a fun rhyme about five little peas growing in a pea pod. After saying the rhyme, show them a picture of peas in a pea pod or point them out at the store. This will really help your child make a connection between the words of the rhyme and the concept.


Five fat peas in a pea pod pressed (hold up five fingers)

One grew (hold up one finger)

Two grew (hold up two fingers)

And so did the rest (hold up the rest of your fingers)

The grew and they grew and they did not stop (open and shut hands)

Until one day, the pod went pop! (clap hands together on pop)