Removal of The Economist from the OverDrive Magazine Collection

Starting February 1, 2023, The Economist magazine will be removed from the OverDrive magazine collection and the Libby app.

The last issue available for you to borrow will be the January 28, 2023 issue. All back issues will be removed from the collection on February 1, 2023.

Why is The Economist being removed?

Unfortunately, the publisher of The Economist changed how it lends its digital magazine, and their new model does not match how OverDrive lends magazines.

Does the Library carry The Economist in print?

While we know that an online magazine is more convenient, we're happy to give you the option to read The Economist in print. A few library receive The Economist and keep it on their shelves for a limited time. See our catalog and click on "Availability by location" to see if a library near you has The Economist.

What other magazines does the Library have?

We offer quite a few different magazines you may enjoy in OverDrive. Here are some categories of magazines you may want to explore:

We hope you find an alternative that you enjoy.