Remembering Rudolfo Anaya

Rudolfo Anaya, who has been referred to as "the father of Chicano literature," passed away on June 28. Anaya was best known for his novel, Bless Me, Ultima

Six-year-old Antonio embarks upon a spiritual journey under the watchful guidance of Ultima, a healing woman, that leads him to question his faith and beliefs in family, religion, and other aspects of his Chicano culture.

Anaya wrote not only novels, but short stories, poetry, and children's books. If you've never read Anaya, we highly recommend you check out some titles.

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From People's World: Rudolfo Anaya, an American writer for eternity

One cannot discuss the Chicano Movement without mentioning the talent of Rudolfo Anaya. He was the beacon of light guiding the Chicano resistance movement through turbulent waters of the times with his stories. His words brought a different perspective to the ’70s Movement. Like a towering lighthouse, he was a shaft of light guiding the movement out of the fog and away from the perilous cliffs of social rejection and discrimination. He gently spoke to the movement in his writings, guiding it away from the existing trope of hegemonic American exceptionalism, to a place where the movement could flourish.

LATV captured testimonials online that celebrated Anaya's works in Remembering Rudolfo Anya who changed Chicano Literature.