Now Sowing: Zinnia (February–June)

About Zinnia

Common Name: Zinnia

Scientific Name: Zinnia Elegans

Seed Saving Level: Advanced

Borrow Seeds

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Zinnia is a tall, colorful annual that attracts pollinators. Zinnias like full sun and moderate watering. Sow directly and plant in soil with good drainage after the last frost of the season. Zinnias are also a good companion plant for summer veggies like squash and beans.


Zinnias grow fast and bloom profusely. Flowers are great for cutting.

Seed Saving

Zinnias will self-seed easily, but you can also save seeds. When the flower heads dry out and turn brown, they’re ready to harvest. Pull apart the flower heads to see the arrow-shaped seeds. Let them dry on a towel for another week. Store or share!