Investigate the fascinating world of your thoughts!

Teens and tweens have a unique opportunity waiting at their local library this summer in Field Notes: Exploring You. For the second year in a row, author Marge Pellegrino has summoned her powers of the expressive arts to bring us a new edition of the leveled-up journal where the writer/artist is both creator and observer:

Field Notes are different from a straight-up journal. They invite you to observe your thinking like an anthropologist. They ask you to take off your judge's robes and be a witness of your own life. And the only rule? On these pages, you are the boss of how you respond.

-Marge Pellegrino, 2023. 

On the scorchiest summer days when inside is the only place to be, Field Notes takes you inside your mind to create, discover, express, challenge, play, grow, and question. The mentally engaging and visually spectacular invitations are merely the starting point; how you respond is entirely up to you. You can write, draw, muse, move your body, or react any way you like to what the Field Notes spark in you.

While school is on summer break, take a little “me time”. Get to know yourself better through your own creativity!


A free copy of Field Notes: Exploring You is available exclusively to teens and tweens at every Pima County Public Library (while supplies last). Keep up with the Youth Health Action Team here.