Have you tried mobile checkout?

Let's start with a question... do you have the MyPCPL app (iOS, Android)? Please get it, it's awesome! More on why in a bit, but first, the app includes mobile checkout!

It's in your hands, and it's simple!

  • Find your book
  • Open the app
  • Tap the shopping cart
  • Scan the barcode(s)

Voilà... you've got your materials without having to wait in line at the desk or self-checkout machine!

Back to the app... why should you get it (if you don't already have it). There are lots of reasons!

  • Quickly search the collection
  • Zero in on titles you’re looking for
  • Browse bestsellers, new arrivals, and recently reviewed
  • Get details on any title, including availability, number of copies, formats we have, descriptions, community reviews, and ratings
  • Place holds
  • Check to see if your holds are ready for pick up
  • Find and download eBooks and audiobooks
  • Instantly check due dates
  • Renew your items
  • Check library hours

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