Have you met Bun Buns, the book chute bunny?

If you've been to Himmel Park Library recently chances are you've met Bun Buns, the resident bunny rabbit who loves books and hangs out in the book chute, enthusiastically accepting returns from young customers. We recently sat down with Bun Buns to chat about the world's coolest job.

How long have you been at Himmel Park Library?

It's been about 5 years. There were other animals before me, including a duck and a frog, but they didn't make the cut and I got the permanent job. My main duty is to check in the books that children hand me, but I'm always happy to say hello... and I love giving high fives to kids (and sometimes adults!). Most of the time the young kids coming into the Library head straight for the book chute exuberantly calling "Bunny!". I'm particularly busy on Storytime days.

The book chute is a busy place, so my bunny cousin, Honey Buns, comes and helps me out from time to time. Check out all the fun we have in this video

Did you work at other libraries before settling at Himmel Park?

I did visit a few other libraries, but I really like this one the best.

What would you say are some of your favorite moments at the Library?

I love meeting new kids! My favorite is when preschool classes come to visit. It's always so much fun to say hello to a whole class of new children.

Do you attend Storytimes?

I'm usually pretty busy inside the book chute. I really don't like to leave my post—it's a very important job, you know. I'd hate to risk disappointing kids who want to give me books. Storytime is so much fun, though, that I do visit sometimes as a special treat, especially when there's a bunny-themed story.

How'd you get such a neat gig?

I started as a volunteer and really impressed the staff with my friendly, attentive, hop-to-it spirit and ability to check in so many books. The staff here is kind. I'm excited to be part of the team!

Where do you go after the Library closes?

Well, the Library of course! I like to catch up on my reading... and peruse the refrigerator for carrots.

What are some of your favorite books?

Hmmm... tough question, too many to choose from. But let's see—some of my favorites include Bunny Built, Bunny's Book Club, Good Night Bunny, and How to be a Bigger Bunny. I also dig stories about Peter Rabbit. Oh! Sometimes the staff will put up my "picks" on their Facebook page. I've also been featured on the Library's Instagram account.

Bunny Built

Bunny's Book Club

Good Night, Bunny

How to Be A Bigger Bunny

Why do you think reading is important?

Reading takes me beyond the book chute, of course! With books, I can travel all over the world and meet new friends without ever leaving the Library.