Browsable Resource: America’s News

Are you one of those people who could read news forever? Do you love wandering through the pages and pages of today’s happenings, or news and gossip of yesteryear? This is totally the thing for you, opens a new window.  

It’s possible you’ve used NewsBank before; it’s the primary way the library has access to The Daily Star and its archives. But we also use it to gain access to hundreds of other newspapers, past and present. What makes the America's News portals special is its fluidity; you can either use it to help guide you to a topic, or to wander through different topics in certain categories. 

Looking for the latest and hottest topics? Click on Hot Topics and pick from one of the sections: business, government & politics, social issues, sports. It's all there.

If you click on Current Events, you'll see topics you're hearing about on all the news sites and your social media feeds. Click on one to see recent articles from news sources all over the country.

The best benefit to using this recreationally is that when you actually need to find a news article, you’ll know how to use this awesome tool! So when you are searching the E-Library, opens a new window for a particular subject, you can just use one of the portals to get to the right kind of news you need.

So sally forth, read articles from around the country, and get another bit of expert knowledge under your belt!