Book Review: Vegetable Literacy

Vegetable Literacy

You might not think a book about vegetables would make the perfect coffee table book, but Deborah Madison's Vegetable Literacy , opens a new windowis just too gorgeous to sit on a shelf. The photographs are amazing, showing dewy collard leaves, bolting chard and side shoots of broccoli in a whole new light. The photos will have you planning next season's garden with relish, and dreaming of all the new recipes you will create. And if you don't have a coffee table, the eBook version, opens a new window is equally fantastic.

The twelve chapters of the book are structured by botanical families, including the mint, knotweed, cabbage, nightshade, and cucurbit families. Madison does an excellent job exploring each family in detail, providing the reader with historical background, gardening tips and recipes. By exploring the relationships between various plants in the same family, Madison explains how certain flavors will complement each other and which ones might be suitable substitutes. Educational, inspirational and beautiful - a delicious combination!

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