Book-loving Brothers Find Adventure and Fun at the Library

In our small library in Arivaca, we welcome everyone, especially children.

Some kids play on the computers, others play with toys, a few participate in the drop-in craft month, while others look for books.

There are two avid readers in particular who inspired this blog.

Meet my friends ten-year old Treyce and eight- year old Jai. They are brothers who, with their mom, visit the library nearly every week. They regularly ask the librarian if she can order books for them.

Treyce, eyes filled with excitement, examines his books waiting for him on the hold shelf, while Jai happily plays with some toys in our comfortable children’s area. On some days, you will find them reading together and on other days, their mom reads to them.

Their mom, Desiree, says it was easy to motivate them to go to the library. “The boys are homeschooled, so the Library has helped a lot with resources,” she says. Every time the librarian sees a book the boys might enjoy, she puts it on hold for them. “I love how everyone here is so thoughtful,” she adds.

Treyce wants to write comic books, while Jai says, “I don’t really know, I could be anything!” When they’re not at the library, Treyce likes to play a game called Magic: The Gathering, a card game that involves strategy, power and magic. They both enjoy playing different kinds of card games.

The brothers also recently took an interest in the popular video game called Minecraft. As beginners, they asked staff if they could order the book Minecraft Essential Handbook by Stephanie Milton. “I couldn’t dream up a better staff. I appreciate all your hard work keeping this library running,” Treyce says.

I asked the brothers what their first thoughts were about the Library. “I’m not sure, but probably that there are a lot of books here, and almost infinite knowledge to obtain,” says Treyce. Jai chimes in, “I didn’t know there would be toys and a chess set!” Then Treyce begins to explain why he loves reading. He exclaims, “So many new and exciting things happen! Every book contains adventure and fun. Plus, I learn a lot.”

His favorite series is Harry Potter, which he’s read multiple times and enjoys it more every time. He holds a personal record reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, an 860 page book, in two days. “What I most enjoy about Harry Potter is the characters’ courage. They are brave, cunning, and smart. It’s really funny, too. It has a little bit of everything.”

Jai enjoys reading the Pigeon book series by Mo Willems. “I like them because they are funny. I also like the Bone books, and Yo-Kai Watch.” Briefly interrupting, Treyce jumps in to say Jai likes reading the ones his big brother brings home, too. 

Here at the Caviglia-Arivaca Library, we love helping Treyce and Jai. They brighten our days with their enthusiasm for reading. At such young ages, they are already aware that reading is essential to thrive. “Books are something that everybody should be introduced to. If you don’t or can’t read, you really should try—and try hard—because it’s a beautiful part of life that should be enjoyed,” Treyce says.

It’s thrilling to think about what they will become and all they will achieve when they grow up. One thing is for certain, the Library will always be part of their lives.