Aw, thank YOU!

It's the end of the year, and goodness, our customers have said some truly amazing things about us over the past twelve months. In this blog post, we're highlighting some of those kind comments. Thank YOU—we love serving our community!

Kind, knowledgeable staff. Good energy!

So many services available to all.

PCPL has been 1st rate since I moved here... 53 years ago!

After visiting an out of state library, I began to think we're rather spoiled.

Excellent experiences at the library!

The library has so much to choose from, the employees are always extremely friendly, and the environment feels safe and peaceful.

One of the few organizations to stand up and be there for the people in our community. You represent the best ideals in a Democratic society.

I love everything about the library.

The library is outstanding!

Great selection, easy to navigate website, and app to reserve (and download) books.

Great people. Clean. Fun. A nice place to be.

The service is wonderful, the staff very pleasant, and during the pandemic, the restrictions were handled very efficiently. 

An all-around great place with great resources and altruistic public service.

The library does an excellent job helping people.

You have a remarkable range of offerings.

As a taxpayer, supporting the library system is my best investment.

Everyone should use the library!

Your libraries are safe places where you can stretch your imagination and travel the world.

A great experience!

The librarians are amazing. I love Pima County Public Library!

We are blessed to have such a great library system.

I have loved the library since long before it was Pima County Public Library. 

Libraries are a great equalizer. Yours is no exception!

Your libraries are very special places.

Y'all are super friendly!

It seems hard to think of life without you as a resource.

PCPL rules!

Wonderful staff!

We've lived in many states and this is hands down the best library system we've ever seen.

You are all tremendous! I loved how you've adapted this past year or so and still made your services available.

The customer service and ease of curbside and digital content is top notch.

Thank you for providing such wonderful services to our community.

The staff is exceptional!

I love you. You rule.

Pima County Public Library does everything right.

Who doesn't love your libraries?!

As always, it is the people, the representatives of the library who are the most important part of the experience.

Our library is a most amazing resource. I am so grateful for all that you offer to so many in our community.

The ease of using your app couldn't be easier.

Always prompt, always courteous, always friendly.

At the library, people are helpful and pleasant. The website is very easy to maneuver. Thank you!

I love you PCPL!

One of the finest library systems of its size in the country. Superb and wide range of material in every area. We are fortunate to have a library system of this high caliber.

I love my library, I'll never stop recommending it

I love what you do and how you do it!

I've used the library for 10 years and have never had a bad experience. Thank you!

You all are my essentials workers

I am SO grateful to have such a good and responsive library so close to home.

The service always is impeccable.