Art Exhibit ~ Robert Frasquillo

Sam Lena-South Tucson Library invites you to view the works of local artist Robert Frasquillo. The exhibit will be on display until March 15, 2024.

Artist Statement:

My name is Robert Frasquillo. I find it inadequate for anyone to reduce themselves and their relationship with art to a few paragraphs. I also feel uncomfortable sharing my personal perspectives about subjective topics that are easily misinterpreted. The fact that tech has made privacy nearly obsolete doesn’t help either because we are all forced to share more than we give permission for. I do think by displaying some of my works in public I am obligated to at least introduce myself and give some general context for my work. I will try to do so respectfully.
Tucson, AZ is my hometown so I am sure it has influenced my expressive nature in various ways. I also have learned from other artist’s works from all around the world while studying art history and occasionally visiting museums. I have an Associate’s of Arts degree from a college I attended in Washington State.
Art can be many things to an individual let alone to the art population as a whole, so keep in mind I am not an art authority in any regard. I believe I began art as a technical exercise during childhood with the hope that someday I would be fluent enough in it to express ideas like some of the paintings and drawings I had seen. This seems to be the basis for a language more than anything else.
As such, language can be interpersonally expressive but is not required to be. Leaving room for expression is a preference or tool to emphasize or reduce personal opinions about the subject. When I do have an idea that I am motivated to create, my goal is to try and make it accurate and relatable so that others can also appreciate it. I try to leave room for my own preferred expressive qualities for the sake of visual interest. It is impossible to make something visually interesting to everyone so I try and find a balance that hopefully emphasizes the subject rather than distracts from it.
Many times I have subjects or places in mind that I want to work from but it often comes down to convenience. Focusing on technique helps me to stay interested when I cannot pursue the thing I am passionate about. When I do get to direct a project how I would like to it seems to develop more naturally and is also more enjoyable.
I hope people can be open minded enough to appreciate at least something about the pieces I have chosen to show.
Images courtesy of the artist