Art Exhibit ~ Rae Mahaffey & Mark Mahaffey

Joel D. Valdez Main Library invites you to view the work of local artists Rae Mahaffey and Mark Mahaffey. The exhibit will be on display until April 30, 2024.

Artist statements

In the whimsical realm of ceramics, I find joy in bringing clay to life, molding characters that each possess unique personalities. It's like sculpting a miniature community of quirky beings, each with their own stories. From mischievous birds to contemplative characters, my creations are a celebration of the charming diversity that makes life so wonderfully interesting.
With each piece, I aim to not only capture the essence of the clay but also infuse it with a touch of humor and individuality. It's my way of adding a splash of personality to the world of ceramics, one character at a time.


I am a late 20th century master printmaker and have been working collaboratively for the last 35 years making fine art, limited edition prints, and sculpture with artists from all around the world. In 2019 life changed and we moved to Tucson.  The environment in Arizona is very different from what I have experienced before, so I started making artwork about it for myself.  I keep a hand in teaching printmaking and continue my research into vitreography (prints from glass).  The pieces I will have in the studio are examples of my Arizona work about the environment, a variety of prints I’ve made over the years, and works I made with other artists.