Art Exhibit ~ Martine Gaudissart

Sam Lena-South Tucson Library invites you to view an exhibit by local artist Martine Gaudissart, on display until July 26, 2024.

Artist statement:
Martine Gaudissart is a contemporary abstract artist who merges various influences such as graphic novels from her childhood, doodle art, graphic design, and abstract themes, into a symphony of creativity. Her style combines analog and digital techniques, evolving from ink or pencil sketches on paper into layered digital compositions. With a mix of line drawing, photo manipulation, color studies and occasional 3D software integration, her work defies categorization.
Martine was born in Boston, grew up in France and went to art schools in Belgium. She fell in love with 3D Animation after moving to California where she worked as a video game artist and as a 3D Animation Professor. Since then, she has been composing, producing and animating her musical 'Runaway Cricket.'
Martine holds a Masters of Science in Multimedia and Video Games from CNAM-ENJMIN, France. She hopes her art sparks your curiosity and inspiration. Her final work's format consists of a series of limited edition prints on metal exploring different color studies for her various patterns.
Find out more about Martine's body of work at, opens a new window
Images courtesy of the artist