Art Exhibit ~ Harlon Louise Baddog

Kirk-Bear Canyon Library invites you to view the work of local artist Harlon Louise Baddog on display until June 29, 2024.

Artist Statement:
Harlon Louise Baddog (b. St. Paul, MN 1988) is a trans, disabled artist living on unceded Tohono O’odham and Pasqua Yaqui territories. He works in the quiet hours of the night, in between bouts of spying on the neighborhood’s mountain lion, bobcats, and raccoons. His love for the Sonoran desert and all of its inhabitants continues to grow as he humbly learns from them with fascination and respect.

Harlon’s work is interdisciplinary, containing elements of scientific illustration, portraiture, collage, and photography. The work in this exhibition depicts creatures of the natural world while exploring themes of grief, self-sabotage, and depression. The process of creating these pieces requires an intimate relationship between form and artist, allowing the artist to lay bare raw human emotion against the desert’s quiet complexity.