Art Exhibit ~ Emily Jacobson

Kirk-Bear Canyon Library invites you to an exhibit of works by local artist Emily Jacobson. The exhibit will be on display from December 1 , 2023 - January 31, 2024.

Artist Statement:

Creating art is something that I find very meditative, meaningful, and provides a sense of purpose in my life. From my early days as a child I have always been interested in creating art and sharing it with others. Art is a therapeutic and healing force for me and provides a much needed outlet for the stresses around me.

I have a great love of drawing and printmaking and have recently been exploring watercolors as a new medium. Working with watercolors has been a fulfilling challenge. I feel the delicacy of watercolors can change from transparent to opaque and give such a wide range of variations and values that it helps bring my work to a whole new level. I enjoy the challenge of planning out a painting and knowing that when I use watercolors the outcome can be an unexpected expressive piece of art. I enjoy the unexpected pleasure of not knowing the final outcome of the piece I may be working on and going with the flow.

I experience a lot of joy in sharing my art with others and hope that my work speaks to others as it does to me and inspires others to think outside the boundaries of what they perceive art to be.

Images courtesy of the artist.