A treasure trove of information!

In this month's Electric Library series, Sarah S., Oro Valley Public Library, highlights another of their favorite E-Library tools: Udemy

The library prides itself on promoting lifelong learning, and one of the ways we support lifelong learners is providing multitudes of avenues through which you can pursue your curiosity. Today, I’m specifically talking about one such avenue—Udemy!

Udemy Courses Offered by Gale is a gem hidden in the latter half of the alphabet on our E-Library’s A-Z page. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about a hobby, tech, or professional development, but find that finding the right tutorial can be difficult, Udemy has you covered! They have around 20,000 tutorials across their website, and all of them have been rated by fellow users just like you so that you can know you’re getting the best of the best going in. They also keep their courses updated so that nothing falls too far out of date- which is especially important for their courses involving rapidly developing fields such as data science, IT operations, and marketing.

And the best part of all of this? If you’ve been following this series for a moment, you might already know where I’m going here—but all of this is completely free to you as a library card holder. All kinds of professional and personal development are at your fingertips! I’ve been using Udemy for courses on drawing and productivity, but honestly, it’s such a treasure trove of information that I don’t think I’ll be stopping there. If you’re even a little bit curious about Udemy, it’s worth checking out—and the sign-up process is pretty painless, so there’s no reason not to. Stay curious, friends, and let’s keep learning together!