Rhyme Time: Round and Round the Garden

At our baby story times, we provide a language rich environment that includes reading, singing, and reciting rhymes. Hearing the rich rhythm and cadence of nursery rhymes helps infants build a strong foundation for learning speech and reading. The following rhyme includes the element of touching, as well as hearing, providing a multi-sensory experience for baby and caregiver. Repeat this…
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Let’s Find Ladybug

New to PCPL's picture book collection is a seek and find book for tiny tots. Ladybug loves to hide!See if you and your little bugs can find her in Yoo-hoo, Ladybug! by Mem Fox. Look closely. She finds good hiding places among dozens of toys and objects that are familiar in a child's world. The text is…
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What Horse is Not a Horse?

A seahorse, of course! Harriet Ziefert's latest picture book, What Ship is Not a Ship?, is a "guessing game for your brain." You will have great fun reading and playing! Build your child's vocabulary and understanding of common words like bear, hat, dog, room and many more with this beautifully designed picture- dictionary book.  While this is not a…
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