Temporary closure of Murphy-Wilmot Library

The Library (530 N. Wilmot Rd.) will be closed April 25, 2022 - early July, 2022.


Murphy-Wilmot Library reopened on Tuesday, July 5, 2022 at 10 am.

(Tucson, AZ) Murphy-Wilmot Library will close temporarily for a building refresh. The project includes installation of new carpet and furniture, a refresh of the staff area, and improvements to the computer lab. The Library (530 N. Wilmot Rd.) will be closed April 25, 2022 - early July, 2022.

A few things to note while we're closed:

  • The book drop will be closed.
  • The outdoor pickup lockers will not be open. 
  • Wi-Fi service at this location will not be available.
  • Beginning April 8, items cannot be reserved for pickup at this library.

Important notice about your holds!

  • If you have an existing hold for pickup at Murphy-Wilmot Library, you will need to change the pickup location, which can be done in your PCPL online account. You may also call Infoline at (520) 791-4010. 
  • If you do not change your pickup location, your hold will be re-routed to the library nearest your address. Your hold notice will indicate the library items have been sent to. You can also access this information in your PCPL online account.

During the closure, we encourage you to enjoy nearby libraries or visit our E-Library for streaming movies and TV, music, e-books and audio books, and much more!

We appreciate your patience!


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